Here I am with my good friend Karta Kaur, the Queen of Dinner Service, at the Yoga Festival…looking good! 

My journey continues. I can’t say that I’m exactly loving it but the more that I embrace it, I believe a great healing is happening deep within me.
That is something I can dearly appreciate.A lot has happened in these past 3 weeks. I finished my Radiology Therapy. I gave you all a brief description of that adventure in my last blog but I didn’t have the chance to explain its continuing aftereffects. As I said, I didn’t turn green like the Hulk or go radioactive but the effects were still very profound. Fortunately, as with many therapies, one never knows exactly what’s going to happen to you until you actually do it. Ignorance can be bliss and that can be a good thing. Otherwise, there’s a lot in life we might not do. I heard I might get a bit tired from it and I did but then I have never experienced such a feeling of exhaustion in my life. The suggestion that I might feel a little tired is quite the understatement! After my first treatment, I felt fine. That was for the first 5 minutes. Then a state of fatigue quickly set in that stopped me in my tracks. I had to sit a few minutes before getting the energy to leave the clinic and make the slow walk back to the car. After completing the 5 treatments, it’s been that way for the past month. But now, I am slowly returning to a semblance of normal (and that would be a new normal that I am still sorting out). But I can tell ya, these past 3 weeks have been very sleep filled and that has been very healing. I am really learning that “doing-less-and-healing-more” thing. As a result, I am actually starting to feel better.

In mid-September, I will have another CAT Scan that will show the results of the radiology treatments. Hopefully the spawn of Tiny (remember him?) will be completely cooked and long gone. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Recently, I was super blessed to be able to go to the European Yoga Festival in France. Since I am the General Coordinator of the event, I figured it was a good idea to be there. I was way motivated to take care of and pace myself before going so that I could make sure I would have the energy to make the trip and actually enjoy it. This was my first travel since January so I was both excited and a bit apprehensive. It was going to be a good test for me to know where I was in my healing process. As well, I knew going would be really good for me. The trip there was long 13 hours, including navigating a strike by Air France but long story short, we made it and I am so happy that we did.

The European Yoga Festival is an awesome gathering of yogis. It is the largest annual Kundalini Yoga Event in the world. This year there were over 2,700 participants. We meet at an old Chateau in the Loire Valley in France and create a Yoga Village for a week. It is truly wonderful. From pre-dawn practice to evening kirtan (devotional music), plus morning, afternoon and evening classes, as well as group meals for almost 3000 and ending the day with a stroll through the Yogi’s Bazaar and listening to divine song, it is a paradise.

Did Ye Get Healed?

We set up all the services that a small town would need for a week. And we are lucky the Chateau offers so much in infrastructure already. Nonetheless, it is an incredible orchestration of logistics and a truly group event. It is miraculous how it comes together every year and as well, it is a huge amount of work and filled with tons of love. Everyone contributes in some way. With so many yogis, there is an beautiful healing energy that permeates everything. Just being there is a healing in itself. Many yogic healers come to offer their talents and services. This was perfect for me…it was a total healing immersion. Hilda guided me well. She always spoke to me for what I needed at the moment. I had just about every healing experience one could imagine…from standard massages and reflexology to Meditative Healing, Cranio-Sacral adjustments to Shamanistic rituals and treatments that I have no description for…I am still floating on the effects.

I have to say that I received so much love and support from so many while I was there that I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It is a great feeling and again, I am feeling so blessed. It brings to my mind another old Rock ‘n’ Roll reference from Van Morrison.

Did ye get healed?
I wanna know did you get the feelin’?
Did you get it down in your soul?
I wanna know did you get the feelin’?
Did ye get healed?

When the spirit moves you
And it fills you through and through
Every morning and at the break of day
Did ye get healed?

I’m very happy to say resoundingly that, Yes! I did. I got the feelin’, the spirit moved and, yes, I was healed. Again, we’ll see how much with that next CAT Scan. Not that I’m a non-believer but I have learned to use both science and belief in my healing process. I want to cover my bases well.

For me, another element that I love about the Festival is that it is a total immersion of seeing Positive Mental Attitude in action. So many issues, challenges (it’s life) and perceived conflicts (again, it’s life) have a way of resolving themselves. With so much meditating going on we find there is a way through every block. So, I am dripping in positivity at the moment. It reminds me of a few self-help book titles I’ve seen over the years. One is, “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”. Never read it, but the title is awesome. Yogi Bhajan loved it. Another title I’ve always loved and never read…I think the title says it all…”All You Can Do Is All You Can Do and All You Can Do Is Enough”. Love it!! There is an element of surrender and acceptance in it and again, I love it. Quiet that self-critical voice and lovingly accept your unique greatness. We all have that. Let it reveal itself to you.

Along the lines of positive thinking that I’ve come across lately…actually my wife shared these with me… is the phrase, “Change ‘but” to ‘and’. Change ‘have to’ to ‘want to’.” So often we stop our positive projection with the “buts” of life. Here’s an example you may be familiar with, “Good job but…” take that ‘but’ out…make it an “and” and add to the positive. Or for me, “I’m healthy and I have cancer” instead of “I’m healthy but I have cancer.” The “and” allows inclusion. The “but” kind of stops the first part of the phrase. Try it, you’ll feel the difference. Or the phrase, “I have to do something.” Change it to “want to”! Life is really by our choice. So make sure you are expressing your choice. Even if we “have” to do something, it is often set up by a choices we made, so really, we “want” to do that something. It changes the perspective and that is always the game changer. It opens the options and creates for us a formula for success.

So keep that Positive Mental Attitude (PMA for those of you who remember Napolean Hill) growing and flowing. Hold the images in your mind of what you want…not what you don’t want. The positive mind is a game changer. It allows for the possibilities of life, which are always greater than the probabilities. Yes, one also needs to develop the negative mind to balance the positive and we’ll leave that for another discussion.

Recently, someone confronted me with, “Don’t be too positive, it will attract too much negativity”. True, it is the natural balance. They further expounded that, “Being too positive is just being naïve, you need more negative mind. All this positive is just too positive.” Well, I tell ya, I will go on being positive and risk the negative arriving too. I’m a bit of a fighter so I say, bring it on. I’m ready for it. My positive mind gives me the strength to positively say “no” to the elements that do not fit. In my current healing, I cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.

I continue the meditation, Kriya for Beaming and Creating the Future. The future is clear and it is bright.

The Healing Hands of Time

So, I’ve got my healing happening. I’ve got my Positive Mind working full on and patience is key as I’m waiting to know my results. In the meantime I’m doing everything I can to keep it all going and affirming as the Stones sang so long ago, “Time is my side, Yes it is!” I’m allowing myself to be held in the Healing Hands of time. And to Tiny and any remembrance of him, I hear Will Nelson singing,

And soon they’ll be dismissing you from this heart of mine
They’ll lead me safely through the night and I’ll follow as though blind
My future tightly clutched within those healing hands of time

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