1. As the ancient Romans said, Carpe Diem! Seize the day! And there is nothing like Now. Even a three-minute break for meditation can re-fresh, re-focus and re-generate you.
  2. Meditation helps you be more attentive and present in what you are doing. Even a short meditation increases the cortical thickness (gray matter)of your brain which increases your ability to focus… you will have a better memory and clearer thinking.
  3. Meditation increases your positive emotions… Get Happy!

Treat each moment in life as a gift. Take a three-minute meditation break to increase your memory, your mental clarity and ability to focus. Seize the moment!

Join us for 21 Stages of Meditation. Enter into your inner and outer experience of clarity, connection, and transformation as we meditate together. Discover the power that a week of deep meditation can bring to your life…now and for your bright future.