As 2015 comes to a close we think back with gratitude and loving memories of seeing so many of you here at the Yoga Borgo and in our travels. We feel deeply blessed by the coziness you shared with us here at home, and by your welcoming hearts as we traveled throughout the world.

The New Year is just a few days away. 2016 is the year that brings us the gift of light, especially the light of our Auric Body which attracts all good things into life, and is also our bright protection.

Please join us for a special 11-day Global Yoga Practice to welcome in the New Year together. We will be doing The Electro Magnetic Psyche, a most powerful and light-filled kriya. This is a never-before-published set that Yogi Bhajan taught on June 30, 1993. We are very excited to share it and practice with you each day. We will be posting daily on Facebook during the 11 days and invite you to post along with us as we practice together world-wide.

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You can find this kriya and other previously unpublished kriyas in My Kundalini App 

Download the entire Electro Magnetic Psyche Kriya PDF HERE.

Here are exercises 1-7. Entire kriya is 19 exercises