Most of us know that it is good to meditate but often we miss taking the time, to sit still and have the experience of deeply connecting to our self.
So, what keeps us from meditating? Here are some favorite excuses.

  1.  I don’t have time! Did you know there are 1,440 minutes in a day? Taking a few minutes from Facebook or other Social Media, spend a few less minutes on-line per day, or some other activity and suddenly there is time to sit and be with your soul.
  2. Meditating is boring! Well, in the 21 Stages of Meditation, one of the first stages we explore and learn how to go through is boredom, so it is all a part of the process. And the benefits you receive are worth the effort.
  3. It’s frustrating. I can see the possibilities but how do I actually get there? Through meditation, we can learn to use frustration as motivation to create change… in our well-being, in making the connection to our true self, and in getting into peace and clarity.

Take time to sit and be with your infinite creative self. Find your clarity, express yourself, elevate, enlighten and merge with the infinite pulse.

We will guide you through it all during 21 Stages of Meditation, here at the beautiful Yoga Borgo, 2-8 November. We look forward to meditating with you.

Come to the 21 Stages at Yoga Borgo. Spend a week with us in meditation in the magical hills of Umbria …everything is possible.